Flexible Mind

Today I'm sharing with you one of my biggest weakness and I'm still learning. It's a long process and I learn from myself every single day. Do you know these moments when you get angry or irritated by such small things like: someone walking too slowly in front of you, friends turn you down one hour before a meeting or your loved one is saying something and you just freak out, get angry and react explosive? Yes, I admit, sometimes it happens to me, too! I'm not always stable and when things get in your way because you cannot control things outside of yourself, my system breaks down. 

What do you do then? For my part, sometimes I'd not think much, react too fast and might hurt people. Other times I just leave, go away and run. Then I have some Me-Time and try to focus and think before I take sudden decisions.

The other day Leo Babauta had a new post online:

The Flexible Mind. I was so blessed and since then I write this down on my wrist every single day to remind myself to practice a flexible mind. This is a paragraph of the whole post:

Why Develop Flexible Mind
The root cause of frustration, irritation, anger, sadness is an inflexible mind — one that wants to hold onto the way we wish things were, the ideas we’re comfortable with. When things don’t go this way, we are then frustrated, angry, sad.
So developing a flexible mind is a way to be open to anything, happy with change, prepared for any situation. Think about it: if there’s a major disruption in your life, it’s only a bad thing because you’re holding onto the way you wish things could be, what you’re comfortable with. If you let go of that wish, the change isn’t bad. It’s just different, and in fact it could be good if you embrace it and see the opportunity. It’s about developing the ability to cope with change, to be flexible, to simplify.

Feel free to read the whole article hereand to write down the same things on a sheet of paper, in your calendar, in your diary or on your wrist as well to remind you to practice. So far, it does help me a lot and I can say that I'm more calm now. I'll see, but for now, I've decided to do this every single day.