Food Friday: Chili con Carne

This time the recipe is not as creative as usual, but this here was one of my favorites back in the U.S. I think it's one of the most easiest and you can hardly ruin it. Additionally it always reminds me of my life there, I mean it originated from the South of the States and I was the one always adding tons of chili sauce making everyone laugh. Well, it's called chili con carne, so it has to be hot, right? :) It's just super easy and fast to cook, you can bulk up on vegetables, beans and everyone likes it. And I'd say meat is optional here. 


Onions, canned beans, corn, any vegetable you like: zucchini, carrots, peppers, tomatoes.

Seasoning like salt, pepper and chili peppers, have some seeds. 

Start with heating up some onion and oil until they are golden. If you use meat, have some beef, stir-fry and season it with red pepper, chili and salt, when done, put it at the side. I wouldn't use oil stirring beef because it already has so much fat inside. 

So, vegetables I'd do seperatly, after stir-frying the onions, add zucchini until they are softer, then add the rest of the other vegetables like carrots, peppers and tomatoes. When cooking I always use the green peppers because I prefer the red ones for raw recipes like salads and stuff.

Did you actually know that the green ones are just unripe peppers?

Add the meat and mix everything together in a big sauce pan. The corn and the beans I'd add at last. Since you have the canned beans it gives you the needed broth for the chili. Now or later I'd add a lot of herbs, chili pepper and salt until it tastes desirable. Add some seeds or dried tomatoes for some spice. That's it I guess! Simple recipe and nobody will stay hungry :)

Have some rice, bread and a salad with it or have your chili as a dip with raw vegetables like I've did. Oh and sorry for the friday delay ;-)

Happy weekend!