Frozen Berries and Orange Juice

Need some vitamins? What about a dose of antioxidants paired with a fresh orange and some currants? :) For many people orange juice is essential for a good breakfast and most of the time they'd get the store-bought one. My question would be, why not make your own juice because then you wouldn't have any added sugar. 

On sunday mornings when I'm having a big breakfast or brunch - oh yeah, I'm totally a breakfast-gal - I always need some fresh fruits. This time I went for some juice. Just throw some frozen berries, a peeled orange and other fresh ingredients in your mixer and there you go: A cold summery juice to give you a kick in the morning and start your day right! Simple as that, just try it!

My health and food-tip: If I cannot get fresh berries I always try to have a bag of frozen ones in my freezer since it's so easy to just make some juice or even dessert in the summer. And yes, the berries will still have their vitamins and antioxidants, do not worry: read the difference between fresh, dried and frozen blueberries here at the NY Times health section