Leo meets Zac meets Neon

It's been a long time that I've posted an outfit option of myself. But this time, I just had to. For me, it's kind of weird being photographed by others since I'm the one taking pictures and writing about them. Like I'd say, I'm more the background-type of person, but I think I just have to get used to it, right ;-)

You know what I like about this outfit? It's so easy to wear and I just love this top because it's light and loose. You can wear this outfit to any occasion, I did it for work and strolling through the city. The blazer is one of my beloved ones as well, if you're outfit is too casual, just add this light blazer and you'll have a more chic version. Moreover I've added the green bracelet which I bought at the handmade supermarket on my lovely sunday shoppings to add a pinch of fun and neon!

M # 5: Earrings from a friend, leo-kind of top from Divided Black H&M, beige shorts from Orsay, sandals from C&A, light dark-grey blazer from H&M, my beloved Zac Posen purse, golden Tom Shots necklace, golden bracelet from my dad's, gold-green bracelet from Maugold Berlin and black/golden rings by Snash Jewelry.

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