Magical Summer Nails

The other day I wanted to paint my nails and noticed in my beauty bag that I've never used the Del Sol nail polish before. I've got it last year when I was travelling through the U.S. Westcoast. In Venice Beach I got stuck on this lacquer they were selling on the boardwalk. Small girls had it on their nails and I was fascinated by it. Why? Well, putting it on your nails, it will turn out translucent, but going into the sun, the colour will come out.

It's like magic right?! :) When I put it on I was like: Okay let's see what will happen when you get out to the sun. First moment in the sun: Where is the colour? Okay, let's not be impatient, spread out your fingers and give it some time:

Et voilá! There it was, the bright red on my fingers :) Love it! 

The more sun your fingers get, the more colourful your nails will turn out. Swimming in the lake, your nails will be red since the sun shines through the water :)

Where to get it? I'm guessing on your next U.S. or Canada-trip? Unfortunately you can just get it in the states, they also sell shirts and bracelets. Next time when I'm there, I'll definitely get some more colour variations!