Nature x Longboard x Me-Time

This saturday I really felt like being alone for a bit. What to do best in this summer heat? Get out, hop on your longboard, bike or whatsoever, go for a tour and swim in a lake, all by yourself! Yes you've heard me!

For me being alone does not mean being lonely. These are two different words and also different meanings. Sometimes I like being alone to just enjoy myself, to do stuff for myself and being just me, my thoughts and my dreams. Nobody to influence or to talk to. Often I tend to ask people to do stuff and then if they are not 100 % into it, I have to wait and wait.. and nothing happens. So better, I just go by myself and do not have to wait for others. If you really want to do something, just do it. Do not wait for others!

Additionaly ask yourself: Are you able to take yourself as you are? Are you able to spend time by yourself and just do stuff you and not others like? I feel like a lot of people cannot stand the idea of being alone because they will feel lonely then. In my opinion I think that those people are too dependent on others because what I've learned so far is that you cannot be dependent on others because they might be gone soon. Be dependent on YOU. The only best friend will be YOU, forever. 

My friends do get that, so whenever I need some downtime to focus and to get back to the present I'd call it: Me-Time. People surrounding you should always understand that.

I've decided to go to Schlachtensee Berlin, to again, get out of the city! It is so beautiful to get up early and to be in nature then. The air will smell and feel fresh, there are not as much people around and the water is still cold from the night before. I didn't take the train to the lake, instead I got off 8 km ahead, rode that route to the forest, walked through the woods and then swam for a bit. You do not want to imagine how much sweat my body perspired! After the 8 km and a 30 minute walk I've reached some water and got myself comfy at a waterfront. 

Greens and water everywhere!

My mind-tip: Do not say 'yes' to others by saying 'no' to yourself, believe me you're worth it and no, it's not egoistic. And yes, JUST DO IT!

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