Recap: Witnessing the Rising of the Son by Patrice

It was last week when I saw the news from Patrice's Facebook Page that he announced an acoustic sunrise session in great Berlin! I was totally hooked up and was like: Oh my world, I definitely need to get there especially because it was early in the morning AND for free! I just love these kind of events and spontanuous activities. My friend was here for the week and I was telling her about him and that we should go. She was in, although she didn't know him until then.

Getting up at 4 a.m. I was like: Ok, do you really wanna go? I've checked trains and it just took us around 15min. I was like: Hong Anh!!! Get up, let's go. We brought some PB&J sandwiches and went to the 'concert'. It was pretty full there but we managed to sit in the front row! Yay :-) So it was totally worth it and he introduced us to his singles: Alive, Hippies with guns, CryCryCry and Boxes. I've liked Boxes the most and it was really really good :) Thank you Patrice for this lovely morning! 

Looking forward to his new album: The Rising of the Son.

Stay gold!


Listen to Boxes by Patrice-The Rising of the Son


Watch the Sunrise Concert from Berlin here:

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