The Swoosh


Everyone is going short-hair and yes I'm honestly thinking about it, too!

Rihanna just cut her hair and Beyoncé did it these days, too. Additionally strolling through one of my favorite fashion news blog Refinery 29, I came across the trend of the 'swoosh'. The swoosh just means that big wave or curl by running your fingers through your hair.

Model Daria Werbowy has it for a long time now and founder of Into the Gloss. Emily Weiss did it the same way. Oh my, I really do like this trend but I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to cut my hair off since it is 10 years or more ago that I had a short-cut. I might just do it because I have the feeling that I'd be content with it and hey, you're only young once, right? And hair grows anyways.

Well, I'll let you know, because since my last hair-cut I've told myself to wait until September, when my internship and three-month stay in Berlin ends. Maybe a new beginning for me? Who knows, but a little change will spice up everyone's life ;-)