Yay or nay? Golden Zara Sandals

In my lunch break I've joined my colleague for some window shopping actually! I didn't find anything interesting at H&M, but see there's ZARA, and then there's still this huge SUMMER SALE -.-' Additionaly there were this GOLDEN sandals! Haha, they were reduced from 70€ to 20€, I bought them. Now, I don't really know if I should keep them or not. Why? Well, I do not need those right? The whole afternoon in the office I was like: Okay, let's return them tomorrow! They are too golden! I do not feel much happier with them, so why keeping? 

And then later in the afternoon an outfit option popped up: these sandals, a boyfriend jeans, a male tee and my. Hmm.. don't know, what do you guys think, should I keep them or not?