Bouldering at Ostbloc Berlin

One week ago, my friends took me to a Climbing, bouldering place in Berlin. They wanted to show me one of their hobbies and I have to say: OMG! It was sooooooooooo much fun :) Haha, first I was really afraid of the height but after managing the easiest routes, I really wanted to go further and do the next step. The colours of the stones on the wall have different meanings, so yellow would be the easiest one and then blue, red and green. I tried to do one blue route and it took me awhile.

This sport was so much fun and it's so aesthetic! People there are all looking good and are so much in shape! I was kinda, sorta jealous =D but anyways, I think it's not about looking good but more of having fun with friends and people showing one another how to improve their techniques. At the end I tried and tried, but didn't reach the last stone, still, I was super proud of myself that I tried the next colour, which was more challenging. I hope that I can do this at home as well :) 

Trying out new sports is so exciting, especially when you have that high of doing better the more you try! It was like: Oh my, I really want to reach the last stone, achieving my goals and stuff but sometimes not achieving your goal is okay, too. You just have to admit that you're not strong enough, YET :)

What sports did you try out and want to do more often?

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