Fall Essentials 2013 #1: Plaid Shirts

This season everyone's going back to Punk and Grunge, we'll see a lot of plaid shirts, leather goods, black heavy boots and everything punkish. I'll try to sum up my fall essentials for the new season and hope you guys like it!

Right now I'm looking for the perfect plaid shirt, in German you'd call it a 'Holzfällerhemd' translated into lumberjack shirt, but I prefer plaid shirt. It's pretty hard to find the perfect one since I want it to be cool and grunge, also in the colours red, blue, black and you really have to be careful so it won't look like the Hollister/Abercrombie & Fitch colours!

A few weeks ago, I saw two girls rocking some colourful plaid shirts in green and yellow, it was kind of oversize and really really laid-back, super cool I've thought! Paired with denim pants and sneakers, a go-to-outfit for summer. In fall instead I'd go for leather skirts, black skinny pants or denim. Oh and do you know what I like the most about button-up shirts? Just wear it as a cardigan and if it's getting too warm, in fall? Yes! Maybe you're at a party or something, just tie it around your waist and be the perfect grunge gal! :)

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1-Plaid Shirt from Zara.

2-Plaid from Pull & Bear.

3-H&M Shirt.

4-Tartan Tee from Topshop.

5-Plaid Shirt from Urban Outfitters.

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