Fall Essentials 2013 #2: Boxy Sweater

For this fall I'm also looking for a boxy sweater á la Elin Kling, she's wearing the one fromMcQ by Alexander McQueen and yes, it's quite pricey. Looking for a boxy sweater from retailers like Zara, H&M, Topshop, Asos and so on can be hard, why? Well, try to find a perfect boxy sweater, which has that square shape, is more robust and please in the colours black, grey or white. Yes, the weather is super groggy and I'm all into black again, shame on me, but I just love everything black :) and having a big slouchy sweater on is the best bet for fall! I would love to combine it with black skinny jeans then or my Leather Shorts, the perfect outfit for the season's changing. 

Of course, I've made some research and found some fair pieces, click to get your own boxy sweater and read my German article for my most wanted sweater this fall at OK COOL.

1-Slouchy Quilted Crop Sweatshirt from Asos.

2-Sweatshirt in Clean Neoprene from Asos.

3-Short Oversize Pullover fromZara.

I think I'd go for the black Zara one, but let's see, I need to do less shopping. Below are more boxy sweaters, click on the picture to reach the German text and the other boxy options.