Food Friday: Raw Salad x Apples x Flaxseed Oil

Getting my new superfood Flaxseed Oil I've just wanted to try it out by myself and add it with anything, starting with oatmeal and now raw salads. Well, this is more of a leftover recipe, but I totally like it :) Do you eat broccoli raw? No? Try it, I obviously did try it out and since then like it a lot!


any leftover vegetable like broccoli, carrots, red peppers, cucumbers, a tomatoe and an apple or any other fruit :)

Cut up the vegetables into small pieces and mix everything! Adding some fruit, like an apple will bring a different taste into your normal salads and sometimes I like to have a twist for my taste buds. I also like to mix up 'dry' or 'crunchy' vegetables with ones which are more juicy, for example mixing carrots, broccoli with avocado and mango, you won't need a special dressing then.

Have some carbs with it, I've added some leftover spelt. How come spelt? Found it in the supermarket, usually use it to make bread, but wanted to try it out and see, if one can actually substitute it with regular rice or pasta. Yes, you can! Just do one cup spelt with three cups 'uncooked' water and let it sit for a day, it will become soft and eatable.

Add your superfoods like chia seeds and flaxseed oil :) Season with some salt and herbs and you will have a fresh and delicious salad with a good dose of vitamins.

Food-Tip: Always, always add some avocado if you like it :)

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