Opening of first Topshop 'Section' in Germany

Last friday I had the chance to go to the Opening of the first Topshop section in Germany. I call it section because they did not open up a store but rather a small section in a department chain. It opened up in Berlin in the KaDeWe, a huge store full of well known brands. The female section is located on the second floor and on the first floor you'll find the male brand Topman

Finally!!! We were waiting like forever to have the british retailer here in Germany, but before, there was the option of ordering the high-street clothes in their online-store. Still, it did not satisfy our passion for shopping because when I shop, I want to go in the store, see the clothes, touch them, try them on and just decide immediately.  Now it's possible in Berlin, stores in Düsseldorf, Munich and Hamburg will follow as well. 

The section includes a range of fall looks with a lot of punk and grunge options like plaid pants, blouses, coats, as well as bomber jackets, fur vests and leather pants. In the male section one will find printed shirts, suits and also accessories like backpacks. The Topshop section in the department store might not be that big or versatile as we hoped but nevertheless, we can now enjoy the real shopping experience of the british brand. In secret we're having our fingers crossed for an extension of the selection and maybe one day there will be an independent store. 

I'm wishing you lots of fun topshopping and yes, I admit it, I did buy myself something, not sure if I keep it or not, but for now, click through more pictures. What do you think?

P.S.: Read this for the German version at LesMads.