Dreams by OFF COLOR

Dreams is the title of the 3rd issue of the urban online magazine called 'Off Color'. The featured artists from music, film, fashion, art and architecture talk about their hopes, aspirations but as well about their fears and doubts. Dreams is about believing in oneself and working hard to achieve these dreams. Whether you're a daydreamer or not:

Everything you can imagine is real. Picasso

Off Color is running by the sisters Kristina and Katrin Schmidt. Inspired by sleepless nights in wonderful NYC the girls started gathering together all their ideas and put it into their 'blogazine', which was launched in March 2011. 

Off Color focuses on anything creative, be it fashion, music, lifestyle or interviews. The girls love being in big cities, not only that, they have a passion for HipHop, RnB, Kanye West and Photography

It was Katrin who came up to me and asked me to be part of their current issue. After strolling through their last issues Urban Rebl, La Bonita and the concept of this one, I was excited to be in this project :)

What I love about Off Color:

the blogazine is so down-to-earth. I like how they illustrate small and newcomer artists like Urban Germany or Efkan NY, but also show artists who work behind the scenes like photographer Nabil Elderkin and fashion designer Katie Eary.

Additionally they give event and city tips, style advice and recommendations for current art exhibitions. The writing of the sisters is very appealing and it's hard not to read the whole thing at once :) Oh and did I mention that I love the quotes throughout the mag? Check out this incredible work and let them inspire you to dream