Food Friday: Little Tibet Berlin

Today, I'm presenting you a short restaurant review of Berlin's Little Tibet. How come? Well, I thought that once in a while I would like to show you my favorite eat-outs and give you new ideas where to go. So, whenever there's no recipe on fridays, there will be an 'Eat-Out'-Review.

Additonally I've thought that adding it all up, I'd have 52 recipes a year if I post every friday, a bit too much right? Yes! Sooner or later I'd start having a separate blog for just my recipes =D Haha, who knows.. 

When entering the restaurant you'll realize that it's really calm and relaxing, making you feel immediately content. Unfortunately I couldn't take pictures of the interior, but there are photographs of Tibet all over the rooms and traditional Asian furniture in the colours red and brown. It's really cozy in there and the waitresses were super friendly, wearing an unusal long gown for work.

As drinks we've had a Mango Lassi (mangojuice x yogurt drink) and a Butter Tea (tea x milk x salty butter), which was really interesting but not my taste. My friend liked it a lot. Try it! As starters we've had the plate of Momo Nazom, mixed steamed and fried dumplings filled with spinach x cheese, chicken x onion and beef x onion on a salad. These dumplings were really delicious, reminded me of the ones from Joe's Shanghai NY, and really filling, so sharing recommended ;-)

As main courses we've had the Gadhen Dä-Thuk (a curry mixed with beef, vegetables and rice, a speciality from Gadhen monastery in Tibet) and Shaptak Shoko (Wok-fried beef and vegetables, served with a special potatoe recipe). The second one was served with additional sticky rice and both were really good. The meals are different to Chinese food and I really liked the curry sauce of the first one and the potatoes of the second one. Of course there are vegetarian meals, too and I can assure you I'll be there more often to try out more! ;-)

So, whenever you're in Berlin, it's located on the Gneisenaustraße, go there and taste yourself, definitely worth it! The atmosphere, the kind waitresses and this rich Tibetan food, very appealing to me! 

Little Tibet, Gneisenaustr. 6a, 10691 Berlin