Karlsruhe Longboard Open 2013

A Longboard made out of wine barrel :)

Hey guys!

Here are some impressions from the last big Longboard event close to my home. This one was held in Karlsruhe by the wonderful Daniela Schukalla, sponsored by Concrete Wave Cologne, and here lovely friends and team. I was happy to be there since it's always a very nice atmosphere at those contests and happenings, good vibes are on and you'll meet crazy skate fellows :) I didn't dare myself to take a ride since I wasn't sure if I make the curve but will definitely try out next year, it looked like so much fun! AND: I will bring a helmet and some protection gears for sure. The season is almost over, but I try to use the last sunshines to skate a bit every week.

Put some hoodies on and move! Let's get out guys!! :)