Mindful Monday: Shopping and its impact on us

A very dear friend once said:

'Do not follow loud goals, listen to your inner self.' 


In the last several years my shopping habit has changed a bit, maybe you saw this transition yourself, too. Three years ago, I used to buy clothes and accessories excessively, working as a waitress by the side made it possible to buy anything every time you received your tip. Then, being in the U.S. clothes were super cheap and yes, I have to admit, I bought stuff I didn't even touch there because I thought 'Well, I buy them here, but will wear them in Germany.' Did I then? No, not at all, being back here I had a total different style and wasn't as colourful as in the U.S. anymore. 

Now, this year and especially after my internship I look for quality than for quantity, but have to admit, you start looking for designer brands, as well. My personal project of 'I want less. Here and now.' concerns shopping as one of the most important issues and I'm trying. I'm trying to stay away from cheap clothing because I think. I think that it cannot be that I pay 3€ for a t-shirt and it cannot be that there is so much stuff on sale whenever the season is changing. 

A few weeks ago I've just attended an information event of the Clean Clothes Campaign which showed me that most of the produced clothes end up in developing countries, in which they try to sell them, but these will actually find their way to landfills. Furthermore I don't have to say that many seamstresses in Bangladesh etc. live in poverty and can hardly afford their homes, food and education for their children. 

My call is: Just be aware of what you buy and don't consume clothes blindly, look and inform yourself. For example, this is a very good German documentary of the British retailer Primark who sell super cheap clothes and I have to say: has super bad quality (from my own experience). There are more negative reputation about H&M, Zara and so on, just google it.

Back to the quote: sometimes I find myself wanting something because others want it and not because I've wanted it myself. So, other people voice out their thoughts and needs and I would be like: hmmm.. Yes, I want shoes and bags and stuff, whether I need it or not. Same thing happens when I stroll through blogs, magazines and shopping sites. If I listen to my inner self, it would be like: No, I really do not need all that and be honest, don't find excuses to need and want them. Just stick to your own ideal and you already know that material things won't make you happy. 

Shopping is like a vicious circle, if you feed your closet or room, you won't be able to stop it. You always want more and then, at some point you'll try to find happiness through materialistic things. Let's altogether think about what we buy and why we have to consume so much nowadays. I would love to hear from you, did you already cut back on your shopping habits? :)

Documentary-Tip: 'Gift auf unserer Haut by ZDF, unfortunately in Germany, but totally worth seeing, it's about the leather industry and how its produced in bad conditions in Bangladesh. Stay aware!