Mindful Monday: Stay Inspired!

How do I feel right now?

In the middle of Unistress and many more activities I feel tired, overwhelmed and I'm longing for something new. Something fresh, something inspiring, something motivational. It might be the case that I didn't skate for two weeks and now I feel sluggish. This cold weather doesn't help either. 

So what? The other day I've talked to a dear friend from the U.S. and she sent me this from tinybuddha.com. It's a list of 50 ways to open your world to new possibilities by Lori Deschene and I've picked those of which I think are the most striking in my situation right now. There are five categories and I'll explain why I want to get into these new ways of thinking and acting.



3. Have a vision session. Write in a journal, create a video, sketch—anything that lets you explore what excites you most.

Yes, I have a journal, but didn't write anything in since two or more weeks and I feel like whenever you do not write down or sketch down your thoughts and ideas, they will fade. Thoughts won't become real if you cannot visualize them, so write them down and make your dream happen :)


 6. Commit to something you always say you’ll do but always fail to start—and then take the first step right now.

I want to eat less meat. I had my ups and downs with this aspect and couldn't erase it from my plate for good, but maybe I'll manage to reduce it more and more. So far, it was easy to not have it when I wasn't thinking about eating less. Now, that I really try to have less, it's like I'm not sticking to it. No forcing allowed here, I should definitely free my mind of that thought and it will come naturally.



 18. Start something you always assumed it was too late to do. Take gymnastics, learn guitar. If it moves you, get started today. It’s never too late.

Yes, I totally agree with this phrase: It's never too late. Before starting with skating I was all about: 'Oh my, I cannot skate, haven't done it before and I feel super insecure.' I really felt like I was too old to start something new. Like it's always better to start with a hobby when you're a kid since you don't care about the risks, dangers or whatsoever. NO WAY! You're really never to old and honestly, who cares your age?? As long as you're having fun and love it, DO IT! Go for it, start today :) If I haven't started I wouldn't be able to feel the freedom I'm having when I'm with my longboard, so go ahead and live! 



23. Compliment a stranger on something you notice. Everyone likes to be appreciated, and it’s a great way to start a conversation.

I want to try this out right now! Haha, cannot wait for all the people who will be like: 'What? Why is this girl saying this?' :) 

Oh, just remembered, I'd compliment strange people because of their style or their shoes etc. and they'd be like: 'Hey thanks' (e.g. Fashion Week Situation) or 'Okay...bye' (at random places), hahaha =D I assume that they thought something like 'Weirdo!'.


28. Bring enough lunch to share with other people at work—particularly childhood favorites. Nothing bonds like shared nostalgia.

I always bring a lot of food!!! I just love sharing my fruits and vegetables with others. Bring some cut up veggies to school or work and share with your neighbor :) They'll definitely have a smile for you!


32. Speak up in a meeting, even if you don’t feel confident or you’re afraid you’ll be embarrassed. Your ideas can only take shape if you put them out there.

Oh, that's a real challenge for me since I'm not the one who'd raise the hand to say something. I'd rather observe and think about it. Maybe, this is the time that I have to speak up for my ideas and opinion about stuff.




47. If you blog, find other bloggers in your niche and email them to introduce yourself. 

Oh my, if I had time, I would do all this stuff =D Well, but sooner or later I really want to do this! No procrastination anymore, I've wanted to focus on me and my blog more, so get it on!

The list is long and there are another 40+ways to open up for new possibilities, but it's definitely worth reading if you're lacking some inspiration and motivation as well! Now, I know what to do and I love challenging myself! What are your favorite ways or things you'd like to challenge yourself?

Here's another tip, don't overwork yourself and pick one thing out and then try it instead of setting yourself too many goals at once, just saying ;-)