Most Wanted: Ankle Boots

I've just bought myself the leather boots from H&M (2) because I was longing and lusting for some really nice Ankle Boots this season. Rich, dark, made out of leather, not too high, an everyday shoe, something simple yet special, these were my criteria for the perfect Boot. Yeah, I was actually looking for Chelsea Boots with heels.

A dear friend of mine recommended me these boots and I've found them on my last Berlin visit. They look like the ones I had on at &Other Stories, the tip is just less sharp. Now that I have them here, I'm not sure whether to keep them or not since watching the documentary 'Gift auf unserer Haut' made me really thinking about all the animals that had to die. What about you guys? Are you aware of the leather industry and would you still keep them? I don't know because I really like them and they seem to fit to my style as well... Here are some more really nice ones I wouldn't be able to say no to:

1-Leather Ankle Boots from Zara

2-Leather Ankle Boots from H&M

3-Leather Ankle Boots from&Other Stories

.4-Chelsea Boots with Heels from Asos

5-Chelsea Boots with Plateu from Topshop