New In: Kenzo Scarf and Object Jumper

These days I was looking for a plaid scarf and found the one from Zara very appealing. The ongoing grunge and punk trend this autumn is really cool but I wouldn't buy a whole new wardrobe full of plaid stuff. I didn't find the perfect plaid shirt, so I've decided to go for a scarf. Zara it was... until.. I saw the very first girl sitting in one of my classes wearing the particular one. Okay, hold on: Do I care? Haha, one would say: No, why would you care if someone wears the same clothes?

Doesn't matter anymore because I have found the perfect one for ME :) Yes!!! Where? Last wednesday I happen to go into two Vintage stores close to Uni for the first time and one of my friends found it: a KENZO plaid scarf. Red, green, white, that's all I've wanted in the scarf I was looking for. Not too punky, but still edgy and perfectly fine with christmas time. Additionally I've found the perfect comfy sweater I was looking for years, no ages now!!! An OBJECT Sweater made its way into my wardrobe. Great length and superduper fluffy, love the relaxed oversized fit :)

Yes, this was a super shopping spree and I can warmly recommend you: Check out Vintage Stores and Flea Markets every now and then, you will find lovely and unique clothes. Another reason to support 2nd-hand, vintage and flea markets is that it has a better impact on our environment and I am way happier to find pieces 2nd hand rather than new. It also adds up to my process of 'I want less, here and now'.

Have fun shopping ;-)