Street Art New York: All you have to do is to LOOK

I haven't bought any books since Paulo Coehlos, but for my farewell from my internship, my boss gave me this: STREET ART NEW YORK by Jaime Rojo and Steven P. Harrington (Prestel).

Opening up this book, I've had to smell the photopaper and also skim through all pages. These great pictures of street art and graffiti in New York made me want to buy a ticket and immediately fly there. Even a friend sent me a letter, telling me that she just moved into the city and is looking for a roommate. Poor me, I'm not done with school yet, but hopefully I'll be back there soon :)

Back to the book: It's super inspiring and looking at the great works I was like: Yes, I love producing stuff and being creative! Be it spraying, drawing, writing, cooking, acting, dancing.. anything!!! What can be better than seeing your stuff on a wall? Or 3D in your hands, on the plate, in your sketchbook, anywhere! 

In the introduction Carolina A. Miranda says: 

Vandalism is often equated with the destruction of architecture. I'd like to argue that it can give it new life.

Jaime Rojo and Steven P.Harrington came across many unique images living in the city and have been collecting their discoveries through film and digital photographs for more than ten years now. With this book they are sharing a selection of great work from different artists-well known and not. 

Street Art New York is a record of these discoveries, the little moments when a piece of art peers at you from a wall and says Look. It's an ongoing dialogue between an observer and the street.

Street Art in New York, another reason to love this wonderful city. The energy and the creativity of all these artists are surrounding you wherever you look.

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