Food Friday: Bejte Ethiopia Berlin

How do I get to all these restaurants? Well, friends recommend me a bunch of things whenever I'm in Berlin and then I really want to try out by myself, especially when it comes to unusual food . This weekend we went for some Ethiopian food and tried out Bejte Ethipioa - a café and restaurant in Schöneberg.

The interior is very traditional like, colourful and it took us time to get used to. Still, it was warm and cozy in there and the waiters were really friendly, trying to suggest us dishes and showed us how to actually EAT their food =D For the ones who never had Ethiopian food before, you'll eat with your fingers and hands, no utensils, only flat bread and napkins :)  

Our curiosity was satisfied by the taste of these different sauces on this huge flat bread. So, we've ordered a combination out of two (meat x vegetarian) and my other friend ordered a single plate with vegetarian sauces and the small salad. Yeah, I know it doesn't really look appealing, but taste matters more, right? ;-) 

How was it?

Well, very very interesting, different tastes, different sauces, from sweet to hot it was like a small adventure :) My other friends liked it, too but I wouldn't go there again. I mean, I would go there and recommend anyone to really try out since this is a REAL food experience.

For 22€ serving two you will get this huge plate full of colourful sauces and several more flat breads which will fill you up in seconds :) Prices are very good, I can say and the Ethiopian beer was nice, too. Go, check out and see yourself :) 

Bejte Ethiopia, Zietenstraße 8, 10783 Berlin