Lusting for Zara Winter Coats

I'm really into Zara these days, but want to resist the urge to shop new clothes since my closet is full of stuff. If I'm really good I'll make it until 2014 without shopping any more pieces =P but we'll see, no promises. 

This cold and windy weather makes me want to get a new cozy and oversize coat. Really fell in love with the first one because of its more linear shape and the texture. The 2nd one is more feminine and has a lovely collar to keep your neck warm, which I really like, and the last one with the plaid pattern and fake-leather sleeves reminds me of the punk-trend this fall.

If I'm lucky, I'll get myself one at their next Sale ;-)

Tailored Masculine Coat.

Wraparound Coat.

Checked Dufflecoat.