Mindful Monday: Vision Board

I remember that one of my American friends from college suggested me to do a Vision Board. She said that she did one in class and told me how amazing it was to pull out this piece of paper after several years, and then realizing that most of the things have happened to her. This motivated me to make one as well. At the beginning of this year I sat down and pulled out all my fashion magazines to create a Vision Board. A collage of all things I've wanted to do or to achieve this year and as you can see I haven't finished since then. 

My thought was: Often you have ideas, dreams and goals, but you never write them down and then these ideas will pass away. This little thought or dream is then not real anymore, well, was it ever? Besides putting in words, it's far more easier to put your thoughts into pictures, actual visualizations. So, sit down, think of what you really want in life or for the next year and cut up bits and pieces which equal your dreams. Put your Vision Board away and maybe pull it out half a year later, it's super interesting to see whether or not these special events or 'dreams' occurred :)

My goals for this year 2013 were: 

Enjoying: Yes, I still try not to overwork myself and take time to really slow down and enjoy life.

Beach: For now, the Baltic Seas it was. Still thinking of vacation though-Tenerife? :)

Eating healthy food: It's a process :) but doing good, I guess.

Fit like never before (muscles instead of fat): Not the case, but won't give up on that aspect. My fittest year ever was the year in the US :)

Soul: Slow down, sit back, meditate.

Working in Berlin turned out as an internship!

Taking care of myself and drinking lots of water: still doing so.

Having a romantic relationship: What a coincidence, but yes, indeed ♥

Yoga : Trying to incorporate as much as possible, but looking for a class to get deeper into it.

And as of now, almost at the end of this year I'm thinking: Yes, this is still such a great year and I've almost achieved everything I've wanted to :) The idea of a Vision Board works wonder, don't know how but I believe that once you write or sketch it down, you visualize yourself doing something, and then it becomes reality! Next year is coming up, so sit down and make your next Vision Board ;-)