Mindful Monday: Winter Blues x Move!

I have to admit that I haven't worked out since weeks now, I think it's been two to three weeks. Why? Well, a big lack of motivation as well as uni-stress and being sick for a whole week weren't helpful. And how come that I've did it today? 

I've wanted to do something for my soul, being alive again since I had a 'depressive' week before. Being thoughtful is okay, but DON'T SUCK IN THE NEGATIVITY. MOVE AND TAKE ACTION. Knowing this didn't really help. I've told myself on and on: I'll do it tomorrow, but haven't done anything. So, I was struggling with motivation until I sat down and asked myself, what do you like about jogging?

I love the feeling afterwards, having accomplished something, being able to push harder and just move on. I've pulled out my running gear, left it next to my bed, prepared for the next day and it helped me to remind me of 'Oh, I've wanted to go for a jog today, no excuses'.

During the jog I kept talking to myself:

You can do it, just move and move and don't look back. Don't have judges, someone might pass you, but you don't know their background, they might be a marathon runner and you've just started. No judges, focus on yourself. Push yourself through it, you already know how it feels to finish. Speed doesn't matter, consistency is key!

And these words kept me running and moving on. I just LOVE what exercising does with me, those words wouldn't have such a big effect if I weren't exercising. Starting to jog back in the U.S. gave me so many life-lessons :) So, this wasn't it! I want to keep on doing, you can always start, but you have to keep on doing every single day. Do what you love and love what you do, more of it everyday! What about you? Do you exercise in Winter?

Tip: A friend just said: It's never too cold, there are just bad clothes. No excuses. So get yourself prepared for the winter months and buy some high quality winter gear!