Movie Review: Let it ride with Craig Kelly

The German all Girls Boarding Magazine Golden Ride had a raffle these days for the Heroes by Nature series by Red Bull, in which they show extreme sports movies (once a month in more than 40 cinemas throughout Europe). This month it was all about Snowboarding and yes, I was lucky enough to win some tickets :) 

Never heard of Craig Kelly and the movie 'Let it ride' before, I was really curious about it. It's a 90min. movie, in which they display the history of snowboarding and how the ProSnowboarder has shaped this sport. The producer Jacques Russo combined film materials with interviews from Kelly and his friends and family, so this movie is really personal and makes you think about this sport with its risks and competitions. It was released in 2006 and since then has influenced many snowboarders and leaders to come.

In this movie you'll also get an insight of how the industry has changed: the rivalry between Burton Snowboards and Sims Snowboards, from Slalom riding to Halfpipes (Contests) and back to Freeriding in the Backcountry. Furthermore you'll see what snowboarding is actually about. 

The pure fun of powder and the journey to freedom.            

The 2nd movie that night was 'Peace Park' by Burton with the present Team Riders. After Peace Pipe in 2012, they created a Peace Park in Lake Tahoe between Nevada and California and wanted the riders to be creative. It was just fun watching them and omg, there was a 13-year old in between!!! Check out the trailers and get inspired! 

Cannot wait until my very first snow-experience :)