Food Friday: Vegan Banana x Chocolate Crumble Cake

For today's Food Friday recipe I'm showing you this wonderful Vegan Banana x Chocolate Crumble Cake I've made for my own birthday a few weeks ago ;-) Why vegan? Well, just because I love to experiment with different ingredients and since I don't drink milk at all, I also try to substitute eggs and so on :) So, this is a good recipe for any party, that's why I'll make it again for a friend's bday tonight ;-) have fun baking and share, share, share!


For the dough:

100g Coconut Oil

120g raw cane sugar,

150g whole spelt flour

30g cocoa powder

1 teaspoon baking powder

75ml soymilk

5 spoons soy yogurt


3 Bananas, 60g Chocolote Flakes,

2 Packages of Vegan Cream , 4 packages cream stabilizer.

1. Mix all ingredients for the dough together and put it on a pie pan, bake for 30min. at about 170°C (345°F). 

2. After that, carve out the upper part of the cake and leave the ground at the side. Crumble the rest for the topping.

3. Cut the 3 bananas into slices lengthwise and put them on the ground (look at pictures).

4. Whip the cream, you really have to stir and stir and stir, pour the stiffener in and it will work somehow, I promise. Vegan soy cream is just not as easy as the usual one, so don't give up ;-) Mix in the chocolate flakes. Pour the cream on top of the bananas until everything is covered, should look like a hill :)

5. Spread the crumbles on top of that hill of whipped cream and voilá, there you go :) You have your Vegan Banana x Chocolate Crumble Cake. Leave it in your refridgerator for about 2hours and then, serve friends and family :) 

My friends didn't realize that it was vegan, and it really doesn't taste different. The cake is not too sweet as well, depending on your sweet tooth: add or subtract sugar ;-)

Tip: Enjoy right away, it won't be as good the next days since you're using bananas ;-) and sorry for the blurred picture of the dough.

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