Grey Cos vs. Greens

I've always wanted to make this post about the COS Cardigan, but couldn't manage to take some pictures of it since the weather wasn't nice enough. This sunday, it was sunny out and not too cold to pull out the huge Cardigan and throw it on some basics ;-) When I bought it back in January in Berlin, I honestly wasn't sure about it, because it was a fair amount of money and more special. My friend Samira told me to definitely go for it and yes I really love it now! 

Nevertheless, I didn't wear it often, but used it rather as a jacket than a cardigan. So, it needs to be the right time to wear this, be it in spring or autumn, additionally you have to wear something underneath. I prefer autumn though because I feel like this doesn't match to spring =D Anyways, I need to pull it out more often because I do feel comfortable and cozy in it :) And yes, I've returned the H&M Ankle Boots and got myself the fake-leather Zara ones =P How do you like this outfit?

H&M Black Basic Sweater // COS Cardigan last season // UniqLo Pants // Zara Ankle Boots // UrbanOutfitters Backpack.

Necklace is from a NYC Flea Market // Bracelet and Rings are from Snash Jewelry.