Mindful Monday: Inspired by Pharrell Williams

Every Mindful Monday, I'm sharing my thoughts with you about actually anything, but sometimes it's just something inspirational for me. So, these days I'm all into Pharrell Williams, his music, his videos, his designs and his words. How come? Not only did I accidently watched some of his 'How to suceed in life' videos on Youtube, which I strongly agreed on; a dear friend just reminded me of his great work with N.E.R.D. when she gave me a CD-mix as a birthday present. 

His words made me really think. Think about my doubts, about my future, about the fear of managing life and dealing with all the shit what's going on around. And also how you treat yourself. Listen to what he says and let him inspire you.

This is what I wrote down in my diary and here I'm sharing it:

Create your own world. Don't wait for it.

Always be curious and keep on chasing. Feed your curiosity.

There's no such thing as nothing. Nothing is a perception, things and reality are changeable. You just have to reevaluate it and love what you do in life.

Ego. It's a funny entity. It's on your side when you're doing great, but leaves you when you fail. So DO NOT listen to and get rid off it.

Failure. Switch failure for lesson or better: it's useful information for the future. 

It's acutally R'n'D: Research and Development. 

It has to be about YOU because if you spend time doing things for other people, you will think: what about ME? 

If you don't pay attention to who YOU ARE, you possibly cannot be good to the next person.

Don't be afraid, go get it!

You have the idea, do it!

Organize your own crew of girls and guys that think like you and start your own movement: people who believe in and represent YOU.

Imagine. What would you do all day long when your bills are paid? Find respective jobs.

If you're not learning you're wasting your time.

These words helped me so much during the last week, and I will always return to these whenever I'm doubting about myself. Really love yourself first and then you can love others. And hey, I've already met up with some creative heads to just sketch together, talk and exchange ideas. Love the idea of a creative Think Tank or a Crew to start my own movement ;-) In the next few weeks or better for the upcoming year I will rethink what I really want in life and how to focus on it better :) It's time for a new Vision Board.

♥ Have a happy new week guys!