Food Friday: Korean at Madang's Berlin

Today's Food Friday Restaurant Review is more of a recap since I was there back in the summer 2013. That night, we actually wanted to go to Little Tibet, but unfortunately we were standing in front of closed doors. However, we decided to walk up the street and find out what's around. It was pretty late and crowded when we stopped at Madang's, but the chef was so kind to still serve us. 

So, we ordered the grill for two with beef and mixed vegetables. Oh and the Kimchi! Just love it! I really like Korean Food and in my opinion it's pretty healthy, too! Lots of protein and veggies ;-) The waiters in there are super nice and Madang is highly recommended because of their calm atmosphere. The prices are fair and the food is really authentic and delicious. Always worth a stop whenever you're looking for some authentic Asian food in Berlin, I will definitely go there again ;-)

Madang, Gneisenaustr. 8, 10961