Food Friday: Raw x Vegan Oatmeal

Today, I just wanted to give you a small update of my everyday breakfast: THE OATMEAL.

It started in the U.S. with the homemade oatmeal from the stove. Whenever we were busy, it had to be the packaged one. Back in Germany again, I've did it with some milk and the microwave and tried out adding other ingredients like dark chocolate squares :-P Later, I left the microwave and the dairy. Instead I added hot green tea to my oatmeal, yes! Try it, it's delicious. And now, throughout the summer I went all raw and vegan, how? 


1 banana, oats and/or crunchy oats, chia seeds, linseed oil, nuts, additional fruits (apple, kiwi, slices of oranges, berries).

Utensil: a fork and a knife.

Slice the banana and mash it up with the fork in a bowl, add some oats, add two to three tablespoon of chia seeds (prepare the night before with clear water), add the nuts (I love ALMONDS), two teaspoons of linseed oil and slice up some additional fruit, mix it all up and have an oatmeal party. Haha, well, there you go, you'll have an amazing start for your tummy and it's raw, vegan, healthy, delicious, filling, what else do you want? And no worries, it won't be too dry because of the chia and the oil, add some more if you want.