Impressions Berlin Fashion Week A/W 2014 #3

On the 3rd day of Berlin Fashion Week I was able to visit the Ethical Fashion Show and the Green Showroom, which showcased eco fashion and fair-trade clothing. I was really interested in these because I am longing for more eco-friendly clothes, which are stylish and unique. So, here are some lovely brands I really liked and found most interesting. 

Khogy is a fishy brand :) Why? Their beautiful bags and shoes are made from leather, but it's a special kind. Can you guess what it is? Maybe from the color you will.. It's actually TUNA! Haha, yes, I kind of like tuna, but should eat less and think about the ocean more and more. This is what the designers behind Khogy want to do, they want to remind us of the ocean and the leather industry. Due to the demand of tuna fish, the skin is thrown away, so Khogy designers thought: why not use it and make clothing instead? So there will be less waste. Really love this idea and the design is nice, too. Very natural, very summery and if you like fish scent (not too bad), these handbags should be your new accessory for summer outfits :) And.. handmade with love ♥

Do you know the brand or bags from ABURY? Not yet? Well, I haven't heard of them until a few weeks ago when I strolled through an eco-fashion onlineshop selling Abury handbags. They are also handmade and have a more vintage, handcrafted look with a unique embellishment on the front.

Abury supports projects held in Morocco giving assistance to the Berber women to earn a living in their villages in the surroundings of Marrakesh. The scope is to create a guideline directed to social brands with an aim to ethical design in developing and underdeveloped countries.

The handbags beneath are a collaboration between the masters graduate Mayta Lara Leal and Abury. She wanted a more modern, geometrical look and designed them for the next collection coming up in April :) Love the bright colors and the fact that they tried to reduce chemicals, so the leather is vegetable-tanned. The bags are also super-practical and are made for everyday-use. The perfect Uni-backpack I guess.. ;-)

n.u.s.k. is a new brand in the eco-fashion world and comes from Spain. I was very interested in the vests because they are very minimalistic and wearable. I loved the soft fabrics and I've found out that they use recycled or up-cycled, raw ecological fibres to create these pieces. I'm curious and look forward for more. We'll see. Are you guys into eco-fashion?