Impressions Berlin Fashion Week A/W 2014 #1

This year is the first time that I am attending Berlin Fashion Week for my own personal blog because I have already been there the last two times. The first time, January 2013, I volunteered for IMG and did some dressing and seating inside of the Mercedes-Benz-Tent behind the Brandenburger Tor. The second time was in the summer, July 2013, during my internship at LesMads. Therefore I am pretty excited and glad, that I received some invitations to attend a few shows and fairs :) A few days before I was thinking about getting a haircut, but wanted something new and after strolling and actually stalking Chriselle Lim, I've definitely wanted them shorter. Remember my last haircut? :)

I've made a last-minute appointment atTheo's again and did it :) :) :) What do you think about my NEW HAIR? :) Yes, selfie from Instagram ;-) I'm not used to it yet, but I like it ♥ so different!

After this haircut, I've met some old friends from the very first fashion week Jan. 2013 and was really delighted to see them again, we've spent the day  together and you should definitely check out Fabienne's and Shari's Fashionblogs, too!

The three of us attended the shows of women's wear label Rebekka Ruétz and men's wear label Marc Stone. Stay tuned for a short review of Rebekka Ruétz :)

Right after Marc Stone's show, we had some dinner at Vapiano and then headed over to the Blogger's Bazaar Berlin. What's that? Well-known bloggers from Berlin went through their closets and sold many of their clothes to us :) It was a flea-market from bloggers like Mia from Heylilahey or Julia from Floralpunk and everyone could buy their clothes, a great idea to shop mindfully. So, did I shop?

Well, when I saw the beautiful necklaces and earrings Julia sold.. I just had to give in. I wasn't sure about how to deal with 2nd-hand clothes and presents from my dear ones yet, so I've figured, I just go to that Blogger Bazaar with my friends and see how it will turn out. Strolling through the clothes, I didn't see anything which I really really liked, but wasn't in a shopping mood either because I was carrying so much on my shoulders. I was really indecisive about the jewelry and had a bit of a bad conscious, but in the end, I gave in.


Because they are so unique, I've never seen them before anywhere else and I really like the edge. What do you think? :)

My boyfriend liked them, too, but I still wasn't sure.. Is this a cheat now?? Hmm.. he gave me the money and considered it as a present. That's okay, I guess? ;-)

Check out Floralpunk's website and see what else they have, cannot wait to wear them ♥

oh and stay tuned for more Impressions of this Berlin Fashion Week!