Impressions Berlin Fashion Week A/W 2014 #2

Neff  Beanies x Sunglasses x Backpacks

Neff Beanies x Sunglasses x Backpacks

On the 2nd day of the Berlin Fashion Week A/W 2014, I was happy to be invited to the BRIGHT Tradeshow, one of the biggest streetwear, sneaker and boardsport fair in Germany. Big brands like Nixon, Burton, Vans etc. are showing what they have in store for the next season, but also smaller brands from around the globe want to introduce their labels to get in touch with retailers, stylists and press people. So, I was really curious about this fair because I couldn't make it in the summer and I was looking forward to new sneaker trends, but also cool labels.

Puma  Sneakers 

Puma Sneakers 

Neff had interesting designs in their backpacks, but also funny beanies to add to their collection of snow-and sportswear. I'm not sure yet about these big prints on backpacks, sweaters and all-clothing yet, what do you think? Are you digging photo-prints in clothes? :) But I guess, it's really cool when you're in the middle of powder, wearing colors and prints ;-) When I walked by the Puma booth, I had to take a shot of the geometrical framing of the sneakers, love the idea of presenting them like this! 

Subspecies , Brooklyn, NY

Subspecies, Brooklyn, NY

Of course, I've also had my eyes on clothes coming from my favorite city New York and Yes! There were a couple of smaller brands presenting their stuff, but I liked the shirts and caps from Subspecies the most because they are colorful, working with prints, patterns and the unique subway-signs from the streets of the city. Nixon is bringing out more of their stylish watches and see what I've found, the perfect birthday-present for 2014, I think :) why? Gold to green? duuh =D

Nixon  Watches

Nixon Watches

Last but not least, I've discovered these clean cut clothes in black and grey shades. I really liked them because the fabric was supersoft as well! Burton is opening up for more streetwear adding up to their traditional sportswear. Really curious what more they are coming up with :) Will let you know about the line then ;-) And stay tuned for more impressions from this season's Berlin Fashion Week!