Impressions Berlin Fashion Week A/W 2014 #4

After an amazing dance-night at Les Mads x Wald Store Party at Cookies, I went to the UMASAN Runway show Friday morning. In an earlier post, I already told you a bit about this special brand by the twin-sisters Anja and Sandra Umann. They create unique vegan pieces which are inspired by the Japanese cutting techniques, as well as traditional yoga and the connection between mind, body and spirit. 

Furthermore they consider sustainability and longevity. They do not believe in trends, but rather timeless styles in black. Black is no more the color of darkness, but of light :) Their show was really different, but definitely exciting! Artists were dancing with grace and strong expression while the models showed the new collection. Have a look at my favorite pieces and watch the full video. Unfortunately the sound on the video is not the one of the show.

That Friday, it was also the Fashion Blogger Café by styleranking, a meet-up event for all bloggers out there to catch up with friends or to get in touch with new ones, and also having the opportunity to participate in blog-related workshops. Some pictures here:

To sum up this season's Fashion Week, I was happy to have the opportunity to go to all these shows and fairs :) It was nice to learn about new brands, new collections or even designers, but I have to say that Umasan and the Fashion Show by my friend Anh were the highlights of this week! 

I've also enjoyed a delightful company by some of my blogger friends and would be happy to see you guys soon! :) Thanks to my dear friend, who danced the night away with me and thanks to anyone who is reading this post ♥

Happy week and stay tuned! xx