Music x Fashion x Dinh - Hanisch

Dinh - Hanisch is described as laid-back graphical urban fashion with the fresh and quirky spirit of the girls. The collection 'Emerald' is inspired by the majestic stones but in all their rawness, just being extracted from granite (...) ready to be cut into sparkling jewels.

One of these girls is actually my dear friend Anh from tha.darlinh. She had her very first fashion show this thursday during Berlin Fashion Week A/W'14 at the event: Music meets Fashion. DJs were playing, upcoming and newcomer designers were showing. And this was superduper-exciting for her because she just had her first semester as a fashion student and in only one month, she and her friend Sarah were asked to create a small collection. Anh is really talented and I think I don't have to say more, but: I love the combination of sporty-chic and my favorite pieces are the short dress and the vest beneath in black and seagreen.

Lovely pieces and beautiful designers, happy faces and talents to watch out for!