New Years Resolution: No Shopping Challenge

Inspired by Leo Babauta and his Buy Nada Challenge I wanted to challenge myself as well. This past year I've thought a lot about Clearing my Clutter and me wanting less, because materialistic things do not make me happy. Read my first

Last week, I came up with the idea: well why not stop shopping for half a year since I've also wanted to save up money for a big trip in the summer. I thought it over and over again and was like: hmm.. I might not be able to do it, but maybe step by step? One month, then three months and then finally six? However, this morning, I just read an article about The Trouble with 2nd Hand Clothes by BOF and the very last part was really insisting:

“It doesn’t do justice to us or to fashion. Fashion should be about cherishing clothes and creating an identity, [but today it's] based on constant adrenalin and the excitement of purchasing. There is no anticipation or dreaming. Nothing lasts or is looked after. We each have a mini-landfill in our closets.”

As I mentioned before:

I want less, here and now is a work in progress, so this will be Step #2 about clothes and clutter. I've set up myself five rules to follow by for the next few months.

1. Today, I am making a commitment that I will not shop clothing, accessories, beauty products for myself until June 30th, 2014.

 2. Except necessities like running shoes or underwear, if they break, or essential products like shampoo, which ran out. 

3. If I need a sweater or a cardigan or something super badly, I will find other ways to get it. Maybe borrowing, trading with friends, making my own?

4. Be creative: I try to be creative with my 'old' clothes as much as possible. Try to create new and different outfits and to try out some Do-It-Yourself-Projects. 

5. If I should give in, I will not be too hard on myself. I will reflect my consumption and move on with my commitment.

What do you guys think about the rules I've set for myself? Are you into it, too? What is your new year's resolution? Do you have any? I would love to hear from you and what you think about my No-Shopping-Challenge :) Of course, I will keep you updated and tell you about my experience :)

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