Pattern Mix Vol. 2 x Black Leather

Another recap from last week when I met up Anh from thadarlinh for lunch. Yes, I am here in Berlin over the holidays and spending a few more weeks to be together with my loved one. Anh and I actually wanted to grab a bagel and to catch up a bit, since we haven't seen each other since the summer. Unfortunately the bagel place we headed to was closed (holidays..) and we weren't as hungry yet, so we've decided to take some outfit pictures first. 

That day it was pretty warm and the sun was shining, I didn't know until I stepped out the door. I wore a H&M basic shirt, some old Hollister jeans (yeah, I know.. -.- =D but bought them back in 2011, Hollister is just so superdupercheap in the U.S. and they fitted me perfectly), a vintage necklace, the vintage scarf by Kenzo, a H&M coat from the winter sale, Zara boots and my Zac Posen handbag. 

I've called this pattern mix volume 2 because it's quite similar to the one I've posted a few weeks ago. I really like this grey leoprint which you can see a lot on H&M and Monki Clothes. The combination of the grey and red checked pattern works very well and paired with some black leather you can style it up for a lunch meeting :) We ended up at Zeit für Brot in Berlin Mitte, where they have their delicious cinnamon rolls =P

Armparty: & Other Stories rings and bracelet, Snash Jewelry ring and bracelet plus daddy's vintage bracelet and a handmade Brazilian ring.