Workout Wednesday: Full-Body Workouts

It's a new year, a new me and yeah a new day :) I hope that from this day on, I will post more about fun and active stuff like workouts, my actual jogging routines and just how to stay fit ;-) The past few months I have been lacking on regular workouts and training because I had to study for exams and right now, I am also working on papers, so no rest and relaxation for students ;-)

Anyways, when I lacked of motivation at the end of 2013, a dear friend came up to me and gave me a lovely letter with a bunch of 'fitness bloggers' to try out. I'm gonna assure you, I will never make videos like this ;-) there are a whole lot of peeps who can do it better ;-) Nevertheless, I thought it would be nice to share the videos/exercises which work for me and are not too 'depressing', haha =D meaning not too painful, but totally worth it! 

When I started to work out back then, I used these videos by Popsugar Fitness to help me get going :) I love these women and ever since whenever I want to do a 10minute workout I put them on. I always mix and match different videos depending on what I wanna work on and how much time I have. No more excuses, guys ;-) Be it cardio, strength with or without weights, arms, legs, abs.. Popsugar Fitness have a lot in store for you. Try out the videos and let me know how you like it :) I'm gonna change my clothes now and squeeze in a 30minute workout with these ladies ;-)

Happy exercising! ♥