Happy New Lunar Year ♥

Hey guys! :) 

Long time no post from me, why?! Well, as a media and communication student you're always busy with studying, papers, and classes and yay, I have been working on last papers until the next semester starts - actually next week =D But anyways, I just wanted to keep you updated and say: 

Happy New Lunar Year ♥

In Vietnamese: 

Chúc Mừng Năm Mới :)

Therefore, last weekend, I just had to take a few hours off to enjoy a bit of celebration with my family and asian loved ones :) It's crazy how much food vietnamese people can eat! So, we had big dinners for three days in a row like christmas, you know ;-) I've enjoyed spending more time with my parents and eating super-delicious food :) And see what the fortune cookie had in store for me:

Always smile in the morning and fortune will smile on you! 

Right now, I'm honestly trying to slow down, to breathe and to take breaks because my body is telling me to pull the brake again. I am back on meditating and yoga again, are you into it, too? :) xo