Mindful Monday: Let's hit RESET.

It's been ten days since my last post and I have been struggling and coping with stress. I am not going to tell you and complain about how busy my schedule is but rather give myself and you the best tips ever to reset the clock and breathe. This will be quite different to my last DE-Stress Post because THIS actually works better for me, will it for you?

1. Delete the s-word from your vocabulary.

2. There is never a must-do, but rather an 'I CAN' do. You do not need to run errands, clean dishes, writing papers, going to the doctor etc. 

Switch your thinking and the world will look better. What about: Hey! Today I CAN write the paper if I want to. Maybe.. I am and you are grateful for that? Even the possibility of doing so?

3. Do not listen to others, only YOU know what is best for you.

If you do not want to be social, don't be. Your best friends will understand when you need time for yourself. Why pushing and forcing? You don't want to go to school? Skip a day, no, not the entire semester, but honestly, if you really really feel like it, do it then.

Inner drive? Yes, then work.

Do not distract yourself with Facebook, twitter, instagram, yes, I know it's hard. Set timers or have a log? Who wants to spend his/her whole life on a social network platform rather than being outside with actually real people, right?!

4. Turn away from negativity, embrace positivity and smile more.

5. Take a day off, or two, or three, ..to listen to YOU and YOUR needs.

6. Go out and play. For me that means having the freedom to say: 

Okay I have done enough for today, I go skating now! 

Everyone of us has to find his or her own balance in life, but when my heart races, I feel pressured, and finally my back hurts from sitting too much at the desk, it's time to RESET and find my inner focus again. What are your tips on resetting and how do you keep the balance of working and playing? :) More tips are welcome, but go out, enjoy some sun and have cake! :) xx