Mindful Monday: Shopping Challenge Month #1

I'm back!!! Yes, why is that?? Well, I have been working on papers the last weeks and college just took over my life, but now I'm back on the blogosphere (this word is so! weird, but kinda like it =D)

Anyways, how was my very first month without shopping so far?

I have to say it wasn't that bad.. I'm trying to stay away from any stores, but honestly I had a moment when I couldn't say no to step into the Zara store, just to have a look. Yes, a tiny little bit of the past sale season. What happened??? I've started whining and told my friend: why?? :-( Why can't I shop RIGHT NOW? =D Okay, I felt like a dog, who was waiting for my owner to pick me up and leave this place again. I've told her: please don't show me your items, I will wait at the front door. Ridiculous right? =D 

By the end of the month, friends came up and asked whether I wanna join them to sell stuff at a flea market and if you know me, I'm always in when it comes to fleas and second hand ;-) So, I picked out clothes from my closet which I haven't worn in ages or which were new, but never worn, especially clothes from my time in the U.S. ;-) and the three of us had a blast there. Many girls came to our table and fell in love with the items. We've also sold shoes, unused beauty products, jewelry and handbags, oh and we've had a 1 € basket for scarves and shirts :) It was so much fun! How did it feel afterwards?

Oh my, I felt soo relieved that lots of my unused clothes got new happy owners because honestly they were just hanging around.. Besides I made a good amount of money to save up for a big trip this year!!! It is definitely easier to save up and to spend less when you have big plans.

Travelling is always something I want to spend more money on rather than spending it on clothing! Therefore it was totally worth it and the next flea is waiting for me :) What about you? Are you into fleas, too? Do you own stuff that you don't really touch or wear? Sell them! Oh and at the end, I didn't buy anything this month, but swapped something! More to come, so stay tuned xx