The Vintage Military Jacket..

..from my dad's. When we celebrated the new Lunar year, with all the other Vietnamese people around town, I noticed that some of the fathers were wearing those kind of military jackets. Big, slouchy, square-shaped and khaki. It was really funny seeing them with the same 'uniforms'. So, I spoke to my dad the other day: Hey, where did you guys have those jackets from? I want one, too! =D My mum was laughing.. and my dad was like: Well, yeah, I have another one, just bought it a few weeks ago from an old lady, who was in the military. Oh really?? You aren't kidding? 

Here it is: the oversize Vintage Military Jacket! When I first threw this on (my instagram followers already saw it ;-) ) I wasn't sure about whether or not to keep this item. I luckily didn't pay anything for it and really needed to get use to this big jacket, but hey, step out of your comfort zone and try something new, right? :) I've thought since this jacket is a bit bigger in shape I have to pair it with something slim. I chose my Vintage Object Jumper, my patterned Zara pants, the Zara boots, and the Urban Putfitters Backpack for school :) Oh, not to forget the black fleece jacket underneath from Mazine, a German streetwear brand, to keep me warm these days. Bracelets are also from my dad's and &Other Stories.

.How do you like it? 

Should I keep the Military Jacket or return it to my dad? :)

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