My Beauty Essentials

Today, I want to present you what I actually put on my face every morning. Not only do I pay attention of what I eat and take in my body, but also what I put on my skin. Last summer, I've already showed you some Dr.Hauschka products, which I bought back then. Now, I want to tell you about what I have actually used over the past months. Most of my cosmetic stuff is organic and free from chemicals and toxins. Yes, it's expensive, but totally worth it!!! The products also last very long, so I'm glad that I found them.

When I get up in the a.m., I rinse my face with clear water to freshen myself up for the day and to hydrate my skin. After that, I apply some Coconut Oil on my face and let it absorb. This takes about 5 to 10 minutes. Oh and when I had a shower in the morning, I also use it as my bodylotion ;-) As a second layer, I put on the Dr.Hauschka Toning Cream, which does not only tone your face but also nourishes your skin with its needs whether your skin is dry, sensitive or normal. I really love the Toning Cream and as you can see, I use it every single day because then, you do not need any Make-Up anymore and my skin still feels good and unmasked. No worries if you're lighter than me, the cream mixes easily into your natural color. Then, I use a concealer for dark circles under my eye or small spots to cover up. Unfortunately, I do not know the brand name anymore.. that time, I bought it in the U.S., yes, I'm still using it, some things just never run out. 

For my eyes and if I feel like it, usually I do, but there are also times that you see me without anything on my face ;-) that's when I'm sick, overslept or just don't feel like putting anything on but coconut oil ;-) .. back to my eyes, I put on the Maybelline Lasting Drama-Gel Eyeliner in the blackest black, which a friend of mine recommended to me and it's pretty good, doing its work and lasting all day. I did not found any good! Organic Eyeliner so far, so let's see what will come across in the future. Additionally, I use the Benecos Natural Kajal which is really good except from the fact that it smudges under my eyes, so it's a OK, but for 3 € a good deal, compared to my other organic products. Not to forget theDr.Hauschka Volume Mascara in black which does a very nice job, but is unfortunately not water-proof and a bit expensive with 16 €.

Whenever I go out for dinner or a party, I also use an eyelash curler to bring my lashes into shape, does not always work, but better than nothing, all Asians you're hearing me? :D And I'd put some Rouge from La Roche-Posay which I received from a dear friend. As you can see, there's not that much of an effort of my everyday beauty routines, the only thing I could never live without again would be Coconut Oil for its superpowers :)

Therefore, the Concealer and the Eyeliner are conventional products, but other than that I try to minimize my consumption and I think: ok, let's pay more for Organic Really Good Stuff which last very long instead of cheaper ones which run out very fast and are not high-quality. I guess, at the end, you pay the same amount of money. What do you think of Organic Products? Have you ever heard of Dr.Hauschka products before? :) Would love to hear from you,

many hugs xo