Rohvolution in Berlin: Raw x Vegan Food Fair

Another week just passed by and I've been busy with college and other projects so that I couldn't post more frequently. But today is another Friday and that means another Food-Post :) Well, if you follow my Instagram account, the last few posts pictured my Vegan Oatmeal Breakfast or delicious Bread and Greens :) Follow me there and get everyday inspiration from me and my life ;-)

This weekend I'm in Berlin and will attend the biggest Vegan and Raw Food Event in Europe called Rohvolution. Not only are there more than 100! yes you see it right: 100 exhibitors, who will present their new products, food, books and so on about a vegan and raw lifestyle (meaning no cooking or processing over 45°C), but you can take part in a variety of lectures, workshops and tastings. Hey, there is even more! This year's fair has four major highlights: 

There will be selected authors who introduce their books to us visitors and will answer your questions about health and nutrition. Let's prepare for a heated discussion!

For all chocolate-lovers, including me :) there will be a Melangeur, a machine which shows how to make raw chocolate!

Have you seen my latest pasta recipe, yet? It wasn't raw of course, but at this fair, the very 1st raw noodle called Wild Pasta will has its premiere.

A new radio station in Germany calledveggie-radio will broadcast live from the fair and talk about interesting topics and interviews.

I think, there's no way out but coming! If you're a food lover and you're into vegan, greens and everything delicious, don't miss this! I will be there, too and try tons of raw desserts :) I'm also planning on going into a workshop on how to make your own nut milk, are you in? :) This will be yummy, so prepare your belly, your wallet and bring a big bag because this is open to ANYONE and you can go SHOPPING while eating :)


Sat.29th March, 10-7pm & Sun.30th March, 10-6pm

FEZ-Berlin (Wuhlheide)

9€ day-ticket, kids under 14 free

For more information ahead, 

take a look into the Fair Magazine or click here

Where is the picture above coming from? When I just arrived back home from my abroad year in the U.S., a dear friend and I had to try out this Rohköstlich (engl. Deliciously Raw) restaurant/shop in our little hometown :) We were pretty surprised that something like this was existing there because it's really small ;-) but the food was really good and different. We couldn't believe that it was 'uncooked', but hey I'm always curious about new food! You can also buy Superfoods like Chia-Seeds and Hemp-Protein Powder or Books about Raw Cooking there. Before, I also did not know that the restaurant owner and author Nelly Reinle-Carayon is actually organizing the Rohvolution Fair with her husband each year in several German cities ;-)

Stay tuned for more updates about this weekend's fair!

See you and happy eating ♥

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