Food Friday: Eat your Dark Leafy Greens ♥

Why? Because the Greens, Chlorophyll and Bitter Substances are beneficial for our well-being and health. I don't know how it is with you, but whenever I am sick, I don't feel any appetite of heavy meals but rather the need to eat something fresh, fruits and salads raw :) Raw because that's the most natural and best state for your greens to keep its minerals and nutrients. Today, I just wanted to show you some inspiration for your future salads ;-) And did you know you CAN eat Sunflowers and Dandelions? The blossoms, the buds and young leaves are the best part of it because they are full of vitamins, find these out in nature and sprinkle on top of your salad :) And don't forget to send some Thank Yous to Mother Nature when you go collecting Sunflowers!

Well, you don't actually need much for your own salad. The only thing you need is a tiny bit of time and preparation :)


different types of vegetables, 

lettuce, leaves and fruits,

seeds, nuts, herbs,

maybe cheese? maybe spelt? 

Anything you like and have at hand :)

1. Have a dark, leafy green base like these Indian Lettuce (dt. Postelein) or Lamb's Lettuce (dt. Feldsalat) or Arugula (dt. Rucola) or even Spinach. I always prefer these instead of normal, iceberg lettuce because normal lettuce only contains water and not so much of the bitterness and its own taste, but of course it is better than nothing ;-)

2. Cut up some vegetables like Zucchini, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, and fruits, whatever you prefer and have at hand: Strawberries, Apple, Kiwi?

3. Cut up some herbs, put them on top with nuts (I love almonds in my salad!), seeds and maybe Chia Seeds? Add anything you like :) Be it cooked Spelt, feta cheese for a more hearty salad or more fruits for a summery and sweet one :)

4. A fast and easy dressing would be only two tea spoons of Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar, that's it for me :) If you like, you can season or use a different dressing ;-)

The very first picture of the salad was only out of Indian Lettuce, Seeds, Sunflower Blossoms & Buds, and Nettel, yes you can eat these, too :) Just cut them up in very small pieces! 

The more colorful salad is made out of Indian Lettuce, Zucchini, Red Pepper, Strawberries, Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Almonds, Chia Seeds and a bit of Cilantro.

I am also eating more and more plants, less and less animal products and I do feel much better now :) When the temperature is climbing up higher, I am also more up for salads and fresh ingredients. Oh and sorry for the overload of food pictures, I just LOVE taking them with my new camera and want to share them with you :) 

Mix and match your own salad and happy chewing ♥

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