Food Friday: Green Lunch Inspiration

Ahhhh!!! My mum found arugula in our garden :) :) Why this makes me so happy? Because I love ♥ arugula and the best thing about it is: we did not actually plant it :) It just grows.. everywhere! So, I did not intend to post anything today because I really really need to study, but I thought: well, now I made this beautiful salad, at least I want to post the pictures ;-)

There's no real recipe behind this, but just a little Lunch Inspiration for you guys :)

I've mixed the arugula with regular lettuce, dandelion leaves, pieces of cucumber, tomatoe, red pepper, different seeds'n nuts like pumpkin, linseed, sunflower, pine nuts, almonds and sprinkled Goji Berries on top :) You can have some Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar with it.

I often have salads for lunch, so this is what I just made myself for today :) I am really excited about the fact that the arugula is growing from nowhere in our garden, so that I wanted to share this with you :)

Even very small things can make you happy, just open your eyes and go explore :)

Thank you Nature ♥

And if you're also an avocado lover like me, spread it on some homemade bread and you'll have the perfect lunch :)

Happy Weekend and take care ♥