Food Weekend II: Vegan at Panke Bistro Wedding

It was a sunny and warm Spring Day when my boyfriend took me to this hidden place close to the Panke river in Wedding in Berlin. He told me that the other day, he passed this cool alternative Café where you can have Vegan and Vegetarian Food and wanted to check it out. Well, walking and walking deeper into Wedding, I was really curious about this place and couldn't imagine that there was a neat Café since you pass by a lot of tunnels with graffiti and there were no similar shops in sight. But when we kept walking we found it and my first impression was like: Okay, this is it?! 

Yes, indeed, we walked inside the building, in which it was at first super dark, looking like a club, and then, heading to the bar, there was only one person, serving us because we asked for food :D The waitress was really nice and told us about the changes of menu. So, there I was, at an alternative Vegan Café, really didn't know what to expect from a 'club-like' environment inside with a huge 'garden-like' space outside :D

I had an Orange-Carrot-Potatoe Soup and my boyfriend had a Sriracha-Hot-Cheesy Sandwich with arugula. And OMG! It was SUPER-DUPER delicious :D Okay, the orangey-soup wasn't my taste because too sour/sweet, but my boyfriend liked it, so we switched our foods :) He loved the soup and I loved his Sandwich :) :D :D Haha, so we ended up being super happy and I was extremely surprised and will definitely want to go there again!

To solve my little mystery why it is dark inside: in this building there are also concerts, parties, events and more going on :) You can eat, dance and enjoy your day and nights there, visit this cool place, have some lunch here, enjoy the sun and breathe in some fresh air next to the river :)

Panke Bistro

Vegetarian & Vegan Dishes change daily

Gerichtstr.23, Berlin Wedding

Tue - Sat 12am - 10pm