Food Weekend: Korean at Yam Yam Berlin

This week I want to present you two Restaurants from Berlin, so it's a Food Weekend :) I start off with another Korean Go-To ;-) The first one was at Madang's. So, my friend and I wanted to go somewhere new for dinner and were pretty unsure about the many restaurant choices. But the fact that she never had some delicious hot Korean Food before made it easier; after strolling through reviews and such, we ended up at Yam Yam in Mitte.

As a starter we ordered Steamed Vegetarian Dumplings filled with vegetables and tofu, which were okay for my taste, but my friend liked it a lot. So, it depends on your taste ;-)

They also serve Kimchi, spicy cabbage, with any dish. My friend (who does not really eat spicy food) couldn't deal with the Kimchi :D and after several tries, she gave up and said:

No more Kimchi for me!

:D For our entrées my friend had a Rice Bowl with Glass Noodles, Vegetables and Beef and I went for the Vegetarian Ramen Bowl in Spicy :)

Her dish wasn't too spicy, so she could easily eat it up and mine was superduper hot :D (Hey, I can really handle hot dishes and I love Sriracha Sauce, but this was.. puuh, very spicy!) Anyways, the Ramen was still very good and I did finish as well ;-) When you're in Berlin, come here and try out some delicious Korean Food because:

1st it is not too expensive (we are still students ;-))

2nd the menu is kept small, it's easier to decide then

3rd they know what spicy means :)

Oh, but keep in mind that this restaurant can be a bit crowded ;-) 

I will definitely come back for more :-)

Happy Eating Out!

Yam Yam Berlin

Alte Schönhauserstr.6, Mitte

Mon - Sa 12am - 11pm

Sun 1pm - 10pm